Star Patrol

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New! Star Patrol 2.0.2 fixes many bugs.

Star Patrol, first available in 1991, is a classic trek-style game specifically created for the advantages of Macintosh® technologies. Emphasizing strategy rather than arcade style skills, this continuous action game will challenge your mind.

Star Patrol Window

Version 2.0 marks a quantum leap for Star Patrol. The user interface has been unified, now incorporating both color and sound. Apple’s QuickTime® provides a music track, and important events are reported by speech. Extensive help, including Apple Guide, Balloons and traditional help screens, is available throughout. Star Patrol 2.0 is Power PC only.

Star Patrol is $10 (US) shareware.

You can download Star Patrol 2.0.2here (Binary).

You can register online or register using the Register program that is packaged with Star Patrol.

What is the future of Star Patrol? FOr that matter, what is its history? Find out (and vote) at my blog, Cybernetic Salad.

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